ROCKOKO – Ukrainian music band established in 2012 and is famous of its interesting instrumental sound.


ROCKOKO plays Symphonic rock, but genres like Acoustic, Pop, Dance, Drum and Bass, Metal can also be noticeable. Band also use jazz in some of the compositions.


In the basis of the group’s success lays the original principle of arrangement of authorial compositions and popular hits.

ROCKOKO is the unique project, the mix of drive and creativity. Concert geography ROCKOKO is constantly expanding. The proficiency of the band can’t be left without a notice even of the pickiest listeners.


Holding the goal of the enrichment ROCKOKO, the band decided to play a concert with a symphonic orchestra in 2016. After this performance the band set up a new tandem called ROCKOKO & Orchestra – an annual firework of emotions which gives 100% enormous amount of energy of music. Five members of the band and more than 35 musicians of the orchestra create a show which you cannot forget!