ROCKOKO – Ukrainian instrumental music band established in 2012 by three musicians: Michael Romanyshyn (Violinist, Composer), Volodymyr Kotlyarov (Cellist, Composer) and Igor Protsyk (Cellist). The band and is famous of its original instrumental sound.


ROCKOKO plays in such genres as Symphonic Rock and Symphotronica, but genres like Acoustic, Pop, Dance, Funk, Jazz, Drum & Bass, Metal etc. can also be noticeable.


ROCKOKO is the unique project, the mix of drive and creativity. Concert geography of the band is constantly expanding.


Holding the goal of the enrichment ROCKOKO, the band decided to play a concert with a symphonic orchestra in 2016. After this performance the band set up a new tandem called ROCKOKO & Orchestra – an annual firework of emotions which gives 100% enormous amount of energy of music.

2016р.ROCKOKO‘s experimental instrumental line-up promotes classical strings’ timelessness.

In both international cover arrangements and author compositions the absence of vocals and lyrics makes the music come to the forefront and create motivic inventiveness and feature acoustic vibrantness.

Another aim is to popularize Ukrainian culture in all World.