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The premiere of ROCKOKO’s composition “Around the World” with will take place as a part of debut album “Dark & ​​Light”.

“Around the World” is about beauty of our World.

ROCKOKO’s new song “Around the World” is about the environmental beauty we sometimes neglect. This world gives many opportunities to each of us. We can make the impossible possible.

Thanks to instrumental music, we can immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of home comfort and, at the same time, feel the space around us.

Creating the composition was also special. The band members aimed to achieve a large-scale sound. We wanted to achieve the maximum sense of space. So the idea came up to record the Choir. A children’s Choir.

“These children’s voices have to convey all the beauty that we seek to bring to the world in our composition. For a long time, we were looking for a Choir that would record the necessary parts. And one day we found it. They were visually impaired children. Then we realized that the idea of whole album “Dark & ​​Light” has developed. We understend that the album shows not only two sides of ROCKOKO, but also has a bigger idea. Darkness and Light are like two opposites that complement each other. It’s the same as asking about the same person in sighted people and blind. The sighted peoples first of all describes the height, color of the hair and eyes; and the blind one will tell what that person is deep inside. We have realized that these are universal two sides of any thing in our world – to know its Light and Dark sides.

It was so exciting that we didn’t want to end our collaborating. We wanted a common concert with that childrens to make feel themselves like a great artists on the big stage. We wanted to share with the people what they may have stopped noticing, but what they all deserve” says the composer Michael Romanyshyn.

The group filmed a short documentary about the creation of “Around the World”.