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ROCKOKO presents his author’s track “Mutual love”!
He will enter the first album of the band!
Listen and enjoy real music!
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  On April 12, ROCKOKO will officially present the first track from the new album. The title of the song “Mutual Love”.
ROCKOKO is a musical phenomenon, instrumental group, which is not analogous to Ukraine. One of the features of the band is the performance of music without vocals.
ROCKOKO enables everyone to know and learn how to feel the true nature of music.
The group decided that the single “Mutual Love” should be published first and in the spring, because it will be timely and relevant for each listener. Now ROCKOKO is on the same tour, the key to which is the idea of ​​the single: “We try to convey the emotion of the eternal music, and perhaps the best that is in each of us.”
As the author of the track, Mikhail Romanyshyn, says: “The composition is” Mutual Love “or” Mutual Love. “It is” love “and not” love. “We wanted to maximally capture and convey this all-embracing feeling. His manifestations are the same love, respect for parents ; patriotism; love and responsibility to the “cause of life”, his profession, etc. ”
The exclusive presentation of a live single, within the framework of the tour, will be available in more than 17 cities of Ukraine, and later and beyond. ROCKOKO carries its idea to new listening audiences, regardless of age, sex, and social status, because everyone has to hear it.


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