AUDIO RELEASE: ROCKOKO – O.E :noncomercial compilation of author’s arrangement on the songs Okean Elzy

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Friends! As promised!
Together with: MuzProduction Studio, OLI Music Lab, STAR Event Agency and “Yak Ye” design, media & production

We are pleased to present you a noncomercial compilation of ROCKOKO author’s arrangement on the songs of the band Okean Elzy

We want you to enjoy all the varied energy of music and emotions that we have invested in this project!
Special thanks to every ROCKOKO fan! Each to you personally! It is impossible to imagine all this without your attention, love and support! We want to continue to rejoice and surprise you with our creativity!
So, follow the links, download, listen! We wish you a pleasant listening!
Share your impressions in the comments, we will be very grateful for the distribution! To be continued..)

Studio Recording:
Album Cover: 



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