acoustic version presentation and exhibition “dark & light”

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The exposition will last for two weeks, from 07/26/2020 to 08/09/20 inclusive. On the last day (August 9, 2020) there will be an exclusive concert-presentation of the acoustic version of the album “DARK & LIGHT“. At the end of the concert there will be an auction, during which you can buy one (or more) collages, as well as a physical copy of the album and support the band!

Free admission for the concert-presentation and auction!

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On 26th of July 2020 an exhibition of collages “DARK & LIGHT” created by the young artist Artem Bondarchuk special for the same named debut album of the ROCKOKO started in the bookstore “Book Lion“.
The exposition is located in the basement of the bookstore and consists of 12 collages measuring 75 * 75 cm, which are compactly placed on both sides of the room. To the left of the entrance to the exhibition hall are illustrations depicting the light side of the album, and to the right – to the dark side. Under each collage, next to the name of the composition, there are a QR-code with a link to the band’s Youtube channel, where you can both listen to the song and learn its history.
Look closely at each collage and listen to the compositions. I wonder what emotions and associations they will evoke in you? Please share your impressions in your social media with #rockoko and #darkandlight so that we can continue to create for you, dear RockokoFamily!

At the entrance to the bookstore you will be met by an administrator, from whom you can buy a physical copy of the album and take the password to wi-fi to view the exhibition in full volume. There is also a coffee shop in the same room, so contemplating collages with a cup of fragrant coffee will further complement the effect of the exhibition.