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   Recently, the popular German online resource, which specializes in reviewing new music and movies, published an article / review of our debut album “Dark & Light”. The album received a positive response and the highest score!

We invite you to read the full article translated into English.

   Today we will get something very special for all symphonic music lovers – the album “Dark & ​​Light” by the Ukrainian instrumental band ROCKOKO and will see how this music was created by absolute experts in their field.

   The band, which positions its music as symphonic rock and, damn it, tells fantastic stories without any lyrics, only with the help of a universal language – music. Here ROCKOKO directly proves that they do not need words, because they communicate with listeners through their musical instruments.

   What makes ROCKOKO so special is the brutal sound that transports the listener into a fantastic music world where you can even hear jazz, drum’n’bass and pop.

   The music from the album “Dark & ​​Light” is epic and masterful. So, it is not surprising that ROCKOKO gathers full halls during its tour of Ukraine. They participated in live broadcasts on television, as well as performed in Hungary, Poland and Germany. In any case, ambitious musicians and composers have gathered here, creating an entire album of original instrumental music with a fascinating performance and passion that enchants from the first to the last second. Rock arrangements, powerful drums and bass, as well as clear guitar riffs, meet with epic string arrangements that literally break out of the overall music system and create a majestic sound wave not only in the room but also in the listener’s headphones.

   If you can become an absolutely fantastic violinist by signing a deal with the devil, then the song “The Devil’s Violinist”, which begins the album, is a great example of such deal. ROCKOKO sold their souls to the devil? At least, you can think so when you hear a balanced and fantastic arrangement of this composition. And you will not be surprised!

   A powerful rock and metal guitar sound wall, as well as “warm” bass and “powerful” drums – the perfect rhythmic accompaniment for each of the ROCKOKO tracks, which simply embody fantastic art with their music! If you listen to the sounds of the violin in most of the songs on the album “Dark & ​​Light“, you will be seduced by fast staccato, which are performed very accurately, and epic arrangements and sound design add aesthetics to the musical performance of the band.

   The song “Crime” is more like rock’n’roll, in which, thanks to the violin, there are elements of magic.

   “Escape From The Gellert Hill” is a dark and really heavy composition. In terms of style, its sound is metal, which in some places resembles the style of the Finnish band Apocalyptica. Arranging with heavy guitars and a balanced melody is just fantastic!

   Emotional “Through the Time” combines drum’n’bass and string trio with high quality performance and composition.

   No song from “Dark & ​​Light” is “passable”, they all are “killers”! ROCKOKO’s album “Dark & ​​Light” is like one continuous work and fans of symphonic rock music should definitely hear it!

Rating and conclusion:

10 of 10. An epic opus in the style of symphonic rock, without listening to which, you can lose a lot. It’s really HOT!